Saturday, September 1, 2012

Natural Cures For Constipation From Your Fridge Or Cupboard

Among the many digestive problems, constipation is a common complaint among many people. It actually varies according to the individual's body how often or how frequent his/her bowel movement is; it can be once each day or more to only three times each week. If your stool is hard and you experience difficulty passing it, then you are most likely constipated. With constipation, you may also suffer from discomfort and bloating. You do not need to endure this problem because there are natural cures for constipation that you can find inside your fridge and cupboard.
Fiber is important in passing stool regularly and easily as possible. Insoluble fiber is an almost indigestible substance, which will pass through your digestive system nearly without any change or being broken down into various components. It is a special type of carbohydrate that supplies the body with energy. If your diet lacks in fiber, you are prone to constipation. Open your refrigerator and you can find many staple items that can supply your body with insoluble fiber are fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
For grain food products, you would need about six ounces of them each day. Breads, cereals and other starchy vegetables like potatoes, corn and green peas are included in grain food category. For vegetables and fruits, you need a minimum of five servings a day. Eat your apples about one hour after a meal so constipation may be prevented. You can also drink some apple juice or apple cider.
Bananas can also give relief from constipation. Two bananas must be taken in between your meals. Avoid green variety of bananas because they have opposite effect on your digestive system.
Soluble fiber, meanwhile, may be dissolved in water and becomes gel-like inside the intestines, Figs and prunes are examples of foods with soluble fiber. You may eat them for breakfast or for snack. Flaxseeds are also good sources of fiber. Ground flaxseeds that taste somehow like nuts can be sprinkled over your meal.
Water And Fluids
Taking enough fluids like water is crucial in fighting off constipation. Fluids can help passing of bowel easier and softer. Always drink up your clear and refreshing water; or if it is too dull for you, fill up your glass with fresh fruit juice. However, there are fluids you may be thinking are good for you, but can actually cause you to be dehydrated, like caffeinated and alcoholic drinks.
Herbal Laxatives
There are many kinds of herbs that can be prepared as tea and can act as natural laxatives. Senna, for example, is even approved as an OTC drug to treat constipation. Nonetheless, this herbal laxative is only meant to be used on a short-term treatment. Do not use herbal laxatives for more than one week without supervision of your doctor. Using it over a long period of time will make you dependent on it just to achieve regular passing of stool. The bowels would lose its ability to move independently and may cause potassium depletion and chronic diarrhea. Your muscles may become weak and your internal organs may be impaired.

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